May 8, 2020

Medior Infrared Thermometer User Manual

We have been sold the Chinese version in Jan. and many clients can not find the English version Medior Infrared Thermometer User Manual.

Here we would like to have the download link for the manual here.

medior infrared thermometer user manual download

Display body temperature by measuring the thermal radiation on the forehead.
The thermometer is consisted of infrared sensor, microprocessor, liquid crystal display and other parts.
3. Cautions, taboos and warnings
1. Please read this instruction carefully before use.
2.The operating temperature of this product is 10 C to 40 C and the optimal operating temperature is 25 C.
3. Please do not use this product under environment temperature above 40C or under0C.
4.To avoid electrical shock, please keep this product away from electrically charged objects.
5.This product may not be used when the relative humidity is above 80%.
6.Keep this product away from electromagnetic range (such as wireless, cellphone)
7.Avoid extended sun exposure, keep away from stove and no access to water.
8.Protect the product from collision or dropping, do not use it if damaged.
9.The accuracy of the measurement data might be afected by the objects on the forehead like hair, sweat, hat or scarf.
10. Assure the measurement distance within 15cm.
11.If the indoor temperature changes quite a lot, you have to keep the product within the room for 15 to 20 minutes
before use. Then you can get accurate and reliable data.
12.Measuring behind the earlobe is adoptable when the forehead temperature cannot be normally reflected
because of sweating or other reasons.
13.Wipe the surface of the meter with alcohol for clean if needed.
14.If any problem, do not repair it yourself. Please contact the distributor for help.
There is no standard for body temperature, please consult with your doctor to check for a fever.


  • Remove the hair and sweat from the forehead before measurement.o
  • Using this product is not a replacement of doctor’s diagnosis.

. If any problem, do not repair it yourself. Please contact the distributor for help.

,The protective glass outside of the LCD is fragile and with great importance, please use with care.

,Do not charge the non-chargeable batteries, neither throw it in the fire

  • Avoid extended sun exposure and no access to water.
  1. Technical parameters
Display resolution0.1℃
PrecisionTemperature mode32℃~42.5℃
Temperature mode32℃~34.9℃士0.3℃
Measuring distancelcm~5cm
Environment temperature10℃ ~40℃
Environment humidity≤85%
PowerDC9V battery
Auto off10S
Size100mmx46mmx 160mm
Weight136 g (without battery)
  1. Advises before use

Infrared forehead thermometer has higher requirement on the surrounding temperature, proper usage

is the key to accurate measurement.

(1)This product is a professional infrared forehead thermometer to measure body temperature.

The measured results vary from different human skins.

(2)If the indoor temperature changes quite a lot, you have to keep the product within the room for 20 minutes before use.

(3) If the temperature where the person comes from varies a lot from the measured temperature,

hold on in the measured environment for at least 5 minutes before measurement.

(4)Surrounding temperature of the measured person should be stable. Strong air flow positions such as outlet

of the fan and air condition will not be acceptable.

(5)Do not use this product outdoors or in areas with strong sunlight.

(6)During measurement, do not hold the front end of the measuring instrument.

(7)The measuring area should not be blocked by hair. Remove sweat with a dry towel before measurement

to insure accurate result.

(8)Prevent the fever patient be measured after applying cold compress on the forehead, sweating and taking other

cooling measures, under which condition the measurement result will be lower.

(9)Comparison of different temperature measurement methods

Different results you can get by different measurement methods, specifically as below:

Measuring partNormal temperature
Anus temperature36.6 ℃~38℃
Oral temperature35.5℃ ~37.5℃
Axillary temperature34.7℃~37.3℃
Cochlear temperature35.8℃~38℃
Forehead temperature35. 8℃~37. 8℃

6.Rapid use of the product

6.1 Battery installation

6.2First time use of this product you have to get it with battery installed and then start the temperature measurement.

6.3 The front of the thermometer is aligned to the forehead (distance from 5 to 15cm) and make sure there

is no hair, sweat, makeup or hat covering. Then press the measuring button to start the measurement

6.4 When ambient temperature changes affect forehead temperature or forehead is sweating, please measure

behind the earlobe. Meanwhile, make sure there is no hair, sweat, makeup or hat covering.

Attention: It’s normal that measured data varies from different skin color or thickness, different part of the body

and when the ambient temperature changes greatly.

7.Battery replacement

9V battery used, generally it can be used more than 4000 times continuously.

(1)Open the battery cover and replace the battery and make sure the positive and negative poles are placed correctly.

(2)Use of disposable batteries instead of chargeable batteries and alkaline batteries are suggested.

(3)If no need to use the product for a long time, it is suggested to take out the battery to avoid product

damaged by the battery leakage even the static current is very low when the instrument is not working.

Matters need attention :

1.When open the battery cover, pay special attention to the polarity of the battery. Misplaced batteries can

cause product damage.

2.If no need to use the product for a long, please take out the battery to avoid the thermometer damages

by the battery leakage.

3.No use of battery with leakage or mildew.

4.Keep the battery away from the source of the fire or plunge into fire to get rid of battery explosion.

5.Do not store the battery in high temperature or high humidity’

6.Do not put the battery together in the same bag with metals like coins and keys to avoid battery short circuit.



8.Operating instructions

8.1.Description of thermometer position

(1) Infrared sensor

(2) Mearing port

(3) LCD viewing screen

(4)“+”key .

(5) “”‘key


(7) Background light

(8) Buzzer

(9) Power/Thermometry

(10) Battery compartment

(11) Hand shake

8.2 Operating steps

(1)When the thermometer is in the measuring mode, you can press and hold the power button to make

measurements constantly. If no need to use it for a long time, just press the power button and release.

(2)At the left bottom of the viewing screen behind‘LOG” is the counter, it goes cycle count from 1 to 32.

Each time measurement the counter will plus 1 till end to 32 and then back to 1. If the measuring result shows

or“ HI” , it means invalid measurement. The measurement result will not be memorized and the

counts will not be raised.

(3)Measuring data of each measurement will be automatically memgrized.


Up to 32 groups of historical data can be memorized. Press“M” start to check these data, then press

or” -“ (press“-“ thermometer will display the last time measured temperature, press”+

it will display

the fastest measured temperature).These data can be cycled by press once again the buttons of” +”and “-”

  1. Button instruction

(1) Press‘ .M” one time to check the historical data, then short press” +” to check next temperature data and

short press”-

to check last time temperature data. Totally 32 groups of historical data can be checked.

(2)If the measuring result shows“LO” or “HI” , it means invalid measurement. The measurement result will

not be memorized and the counts will not be raised.

(3)Press the backlight button to turn the backlight on and off.

(4)Press the horn button to turn sound on and off.

10 Daily maintenance

In the process of using this product, please follow the prompt when you find the following situation.

(1)Dirty outside: wipe the dirty area with a clean soft cloth or swab with medical alcohol. Medical alcohol also has

the function of disinfection. Avoid any damage to the product due to too much water or alcohol flowed into it.

(2)Dirty inside: As the lens of the internal probe is of vital importance, do not touch or press it with your fingers or

other objects. Otherwise the accuracy of the measurement will be affected. Finding the dirty of the lens surface,

wipe it by swabs with absolute alcohol above 95% degree. Tip: Do not use 75% degree alcohol (residual water

traces will be left), do not use other types of chemical reagent which will cause damage to the lens.

(3)Storage: Keep it in a dry and dark place without direct sunlight.

11 Trouble shooting

Refer to the guidelines below if encountered with issues below. Please call our after- sale service

if the problem still cannot be solved.

(1)The screen displaces temperature value above 42.5C

(2)The screen displaces temperature value below 32 C

(3)High measurement temperature: Keep your hands off the front area of the thermometer.

Hold the probe area raises the measurement temperature value.

(4)Screen display“HI”

In temperature mode, if the measurement value is more than 42.5 C the screen displays“HI’

Please check if the measured area has been exposed to an external heat source. If no, call for our after-sale service.

(5)Screen display


In temperature mode, if the measurement value if below 32 C the screen displays “LO”。

Find solutions from table below. If not caused by the reasons below please call for our afer-sale service.

Main reasons caused screen display“HI” and‘ ‘LO”


Sweat or hair on the foreheadMake sure no obstacles or sweat on the forehead
Cold air blows on the foreheadMake the air is stable during measurement
Cold compress on the foreheadIf cold compressed, wait for 10 minutes to measure again
Measuring distance too farOptimum test distance is from 5 to 15cm, and make sure the

thermometer is not contacted with the skin.


(6) Screen display“HI”

In temperature mode, if the measurement value is more than 42.5 C the screen displays“HI”

(7) If any accident occurred in the using process, just stop it and consult with doctor.

Notice: This product may not achieve the claimed performance if stored or used it outside the speified range of

temperature and humidity.



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